Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not my Usual Post - Duplicate Post from Geni's Gabs - But Links are all Safe to Surf!

Halloween is my favorite holiday because it is the anniversary of the day I was adopted! I always got to have a "Second Birthday" party - a super scary Halloween Birthday party! My mom went all out with the decorations and the trimmings - she & my dad both got dressed up - even if all my dad would do is throw a sheet over his head and moan all night!

Every year, I decorate my house more for Halloween than I do for Christmas! Nothing as extreme as the picture below - a bit more toned down! If you need some decorating ideas, try these on the About website.

If you're interested in how Halloween came about, its history and common traditions, check out "The Real Story of Halloween" and "Did You Know...?"

And of course, you will want the best costume for yourself or for your kid - got to Halloween Express or the Halloween Costumes websites. One year, I got lazy and blackened one of my eyes, put on a pair of black pants, and a black T-shirt with a giant letter "P" ironed onto it - I was a "Black-Eyed Pea" - what else? I even got my dog, Sandy, into the spirit:

For some fun activities for the kids or the squeamish, check out the games at Kaboose and the Free World Group. But for some serious scaring, go to Caverns of Blood!

What would Halloween be without the serious scary stuff? To read all about and see photos of actual haunted houses - not the kinds your local Rotary clubs or churches do - the real ones! Check out Haunted Houses and Real Haunts.

And to catch some ghost sightings - check out Ghosts of America, Ghost Sightings, and actual "authentic" Ghost Videos.

To watch free horror movies online, legally and safely, try: Jaman, Babelgum, Hulu, Fancast, or my personal favorite, Fearnet. These websites have the old scary Black & White flicks, as well as the more current ones like Halloween, Nightmare on Elmstreet, Frankenstein, and the usual array of vampire, witch, and zombie movies.

But, if all you're looking to do is send a simple, but unique e-card, you'll find what you need at one of these: Card Cow, BloomPetals, Fun Utilities, Greeting Spring, HD Greetings, Vlad Studio, Hipster, E-cards, or Here n There.

Have fun and watch your back! You never know when someone is hiding in the shadows to get ya!

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