Saturday, August 29, 2009

Installment #52 - Funny Pictures and/or Cartoons

Things haven't been as stress-free for me lately as I would like them to be, so tonight I felt the need for something funny. But, you know me - I had to check out my intended destinations before visiting!

I checked out 15 of the web sites in my Google results - good grief - it's a cotton-pickin' shame that people can't even get a laugh online without some butthead trying to invade our cyber-space!

Of the 15, only 4 were "good-to-go" - 9 are "iffy" by using third party tracking cookies excessively (remember: 3p's don't harm your PC; they just slow you down) and going a little overboard with pop ups. However, 2 of the websites were extremely dangerous and definitely OFF LIMITS!

Here are my findings:

OK, but Pop ups:


With a good browser, proper security programs in place, and a strong pop up blocker surfing the Internet can be one of the best experiences of your life. I highly recommend you take a minute and check out these three links, especially the second one. They are easy-to-read and understand and the smart thing to do!


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