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Friday, June 13, 2008

Installment #28 - 'Watch Free Movies Online"

Movies sure are expensive! What are they? Ten bucks now to see a movie at your local theater? Shoot! I remember when my whole neighborhood could go for that much! Anybody remember when you would stuff your car full of people (and your own snacks and drinks?) and pay one price at the drive-in for the whole carload? You'd find a parking place and get out and open the trunk so four or five kids could pile out - looking like 40 clowns at the circus coming out of a Volkswagen Beetle?!

So, I looked up "Watch free movies online" tonight - I checked on 14 websites and to my surprise (yea, right!) only 50% were okay and a couple of them are still new. Even though I may say TODAY that they are okay, you sure better double check before proceeding, especially before you even think about downloading anything! I warn you - these are, next to porn sites, the worst of the bunch as for dangerous, in one way or another, websites!

Here are my results:

  • (the worst of them all!)
GOOD (?)
Folks, don't act like you were born yesterday or that you are from another planet. Just go out and rent the dad-gum movie or wait to see it on TV.

You know the old saying: "There's nothing truly FREE in this world - everything has a price."

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