Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Installment #46 - People Finder

As some of you may recall, I was given up for adoption in 1958, but found out in 1983 that I have 5 "half" siblings. I recently uncovered my alleged family surname - Hossler - and decided to try the Internet for free people finder services. Naturally, I am skeptical!

After using Google, I checked on 23 of these types of websites - only 11 seemed okay, 4 were questionable, and 8 are absolute "no-ways."

Here are my results:

  • intelius.com
  • whitepages.com
  • wink.com
  • anywho.com
  • spock.com
  • mysearchdetective.com
  • peoplefinder.com
  • 411.com
  • zabasearch.com
  • peopledata.com
  • publicrecordfinder.com
  • whowhere.com
By the way - if you have any information about that surname, especially if in Florida, do let me know!

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