Saturday, December 20, 2008

Installment #44 - Free Printable Forms

Every once in a while you have to "put it in writing" and need a properly worded legal form or document for your particular purpose. The forms, documents, and agreements consumers use can be anything from receipts and invoices to timesheets to expense reports - even a last will & testament!

I needed an informal but legally binding rental-type agreement for a young girl temporarily living with me. I wanted it to be easy and understandable, yet thorough and protective of us both.

There certainly are many types of resources for this - retail and downloadable software, workbooks of blank forms you can copy, scan, and complete, and, of course, several web sites. I checked on 10 and found only 1 to be "not safe." I had "googled" "free printable forms" and here are my results:


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