Saturday, May 31, 2008

Installment #26 - Pt. 1 - 25 Fun Sites I Recommend

While looking for something to do, I found a web blog that recommended 25 Free Web Sites for Non-Techies by Vanessa Van Patten. She promoted such web sites as Google Alerts, Pandora, Zillow, Cafemom, Wetpaint, and twenty others. While I enjoyed the article and did agree with her about many, I came up with my own list of fun and also safe web sites that I recommend.
  1. Z E Frank - a multitude of unique things to do, see, and read
  2. SiteAdvisor - reviews of websites and their safety or NOT!
  3. Imeem - easy-to-use site to make and share music playlists
  4. Widgetbox - get and create widgets for your website-I use it to get ideas
  5. Board of Wisdom - a wiki-type quotations site
  6. Corsinet - a family of trivia and odd facts
  7. Experience Project - site to share unusual experiences - you're not alone!
  8. Picnik - unique photo storage and editing site
  9. Bitterslut - self-explanatory - a site to voice "break-up" experiences
  10. G R Sites - create logos, buttons, banners, etc. Great variety
  11. AdDesigner - make gorgeous banners and signs for free!
  12. Useless Graphics - the biggest & best totally free clip art & humor site ever
  13. Anywho - a locator - I use the reverse look-up service a lot
  14. Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover - put a celebrity hairdo on your picture!
  15. Big Fish Games - best safe game community around!
  16. Flame Games - unique & fun set up - I love 'Deal or no Deal'
  17. Hulu - clips from TV and movies
  18. 43 Things - community of lists and dreams and goals
  19. eHow - self-explanatory - a "how to" web site of unique issues
  20. HGTV - Home & Garden - do-it-yourself, home buying & selling, etc.
  21. Slide - easy to make elaborate original slideshows
  22. Dead or Alive - find out if famous people are dead or alive
  23. Zap2It - the best TV listings guide
  24. Laugh - safe stand-up comedy, also free hilarious ecards, George Carlin associated
  25. Sugar network - 15 informational sites: pop, buzz, fab, bella, casa, yum, fit, geek, giggie, dear, pet, lil, savvy, citizen, and team
And while I'm on the general subject, I also ran across a list of Teens' Top 10 Sites according to You probably think MySpace is number one, but believe it or not, it isn't! Here are those results:
  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. MySpace
  4. Yahoo
  5. iTunes
  6. eBay
  7. Flickr
  8. MTV
  9. Target
  10. Amazon
I'd love to hear your thoughts on any or all of these recommendations and those of your own!


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