Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Installment #13 - Remember when the Internet was supposed to be FUN?

I wanted to look up some things to make me (and you) laugh, so I googled 'laughs' and 'funny jokes' and then 'fun quizzes' and 'fun surveys' - of the 30 that I checked into, 16 of them were bad.

Dang! You can't even have fun anymore without some creepy, greedy slimeball trying to get into your business or screw up your computer completely. What's the point? If they screw up your computer, doesn't that basically defeat their purpo$e? Or do they just do it out of spite and for the sake of tyranny? How stupid!

Here are my results:

  • coolfunnyjokes.com
  • funnyjoke.net
  • funquizcards.com
  • hahahumor.com
  • hitjokes.com
  • holylemon.com
  • jokesunlimited.com
  • lets101.com
  • lovelaughs.com
  • madblast.com
  • myspacesurveyfun.com
  • quibblo.com
  • quizrocket.com
  • randomlaughs.com
  • sillylaughs.com
  • survey-machine.com
I read some where that it's so crucial that you don't even have to click a link some times. Just by being on the page the bad link is on is becoming dangerous! People, we've GOT to do something about this! But, what?

NOTE: If you have a particular subject you would like me to research, please let me know!

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