Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MySpace Predators to Avoid

MySpace users are drawn to the site because of all of the bells & whistles - the tweaks, the enhancements, the decorations. They love to and live to "pimp" their pages. I researched 23 websites after googling "myspace tweaks" and "myspace codes." Only six of them were safe! As a matter of fact, every website on page one of the Google results turned out to be ones to avoid. How sad!

Online predators know that the majority of MySpace users are carefree teenagers. Those who thrive on exploitation know that teens don't hesitate or question anything - they're on MySpace for fun not fear. They are "sitting ducks" - a computer crash waiting to happen.

It's disgraceful that these bad people - hackers, advertisers, spammers, etc. - are doing this and giving MySpace more of a bad name than it already has. Is anything safe anymore?

One more reason to justify blocking MySpace from my computers!

Here's my findings:



Avoid the websites here on this list. BUT, this list is definitely NOT complete. Check every MySpace-related site before you click it with SiteAdvisor.

Better safe than sorry!

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