Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Installment #50 - April Fools Day & Online Pranks

In honor of April Fools' Day I had wanted to send out some pranks and/or ecards - NOT! Gee whiz! It's gotten so bad now that you can't even send a free e-card to a friend without potentially causing harm.

I'm getting so sick of all of the invasive so-called advertising and marketing ploys being used. It's not fair and is making surfing the Internet not-so-fun anymore! Get a life, you stupid cyber jerks! Can't you think of any better ways to amuse yourselves without negatively affecting the rest of us?

This blog site is starting to get so depressing! I only checked up on 10 web sites and guess what? Only 5 of them were worth a darn!

Here are my sad results:

What's even worse is that these "good" sites aren't always the best ones. Sadly, the best web sites are the ones that have been "invaded" - the site owners have fallen prey to the evil marketing companies and/or have been targeted by the creepy hackers and criminals because these sites are so popular and have so many visitors.

I don't know the solution - do you?

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