Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Installment #37 - Free Online Game Communities

I am still on the hunt for a safe community to play games and meet people who share common interests AND where there is none of the riff-raff found on other social websites like MySpace and Facebook.

I loved
Gamerival and Grab before they changed ownership and got greedy! I had been playing games and socializing at those 2 sites since 2005 - having met the most wonderful, friendly people, many of whom I am still close to today, even though I avoid those two websites completely.

But, I still love playing "my" games almost daily - it is such a great stress reliever! Yet, I have not found the type of website to my liking that allows me to send challenges or play along with others. I have been playing at Bigfishgames, Freearcade, and Miniclips and love them - but I miss the camaraderie.

Recently, still hoping, I checked into
22 sites (some I probably checked before, but it doesn't hurt to double check!) - I found only 11 to be so-called safe.

Here are those results:

BAD: (in addition to Gamerival and Grab)
  • gaiaonline.com
  • pogo.com
  • slingo.com
  • gamesgames.com
  • shockwave.com
  • steampowered.com
  • spawnpoint.com
  • gamesville.com
  • aeriagames.com
  • king.com
  • littlewoodsbingo.com
Now, it remains to be seen whether these sites are any good or not. I tried out bigpoint.com and didn't care for the selection of games - too young boy-ish! Arcadedude.com was fairly decent as far as the games go ( I loved "Get Groovy" - another name for the old "Super Groovy" game), but it lacks the community strength I'm looking for.

Eventually I will try out each one in my desperate search for the ideal game community. If you happen to know of a good site similar to that which I've described above, please, by all means, let me know. I'm at my wit's end! (Hmmm - perhaps I ought to start my own????)

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