Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Even Major Networks' Websites Have Malware!

Here's a perfect example of how we assume things and get bit in the butt. I've been on certain websites countless times comfortably with no incidents and then all of a sudden, they are "contaminated" - greed has gotten the better of them and they have succumbed to the various evil and sneaky practices of online advertising and marketing companies like zebo and adclick and fastclick, etc. Soon the PC is loaded with usually harmless third-party cookies weighing your system down and slowing it down to a snail's crawl!

so disappointed with the ABC network. Tonight I was on the ABC website while my favorite TV show, Dancing With the Stars, was on. I can't even remember how many pop-up windows got through Firefox. At the top of the window it said "This site is considered dangerous." The boxes said things like "Page Loading Error" and "Connection Failed" when I was clearly connected. Needless to say, I logged off ABC and, as much as I love MY show, I won't go back to it.

And what makes it so bad is that
the website is where you can vote for the contestants on the show - so now I can't even participate and vote anymore.

NOTE: There is
NO where on their site that allows you to contact them for these types of issues. There is NO technical support and extremely limited FAQ's.

How CRAPPY is that?

BY THE WAY - I am going to go run my utilities, cleaners, and scanners now! Betcha it's loaded!

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