Saturday, May 17, 2008 is a big fat LIAR!

Recently, it has been reported to me that NETWINNER.COM is cheating some of their members!! They are NOT delivering what they promise "you play, we pay!" in their "Rules and FAQs", which leads me to suspect their integrity. Personally, I'm not willing to trust them at this point - not worth the risk!
It's a damn shame that, with all of the opportunity and exposure the Internet offers, there are still those who are so greedy that they don't mind hurting people.
  • Don't you know the Internet is way better than sliced bread? The things the Net allows us to do is amazing - who'da thought!? But I'm so ashamed and disgusted and disappointed in the ignorant, hateful, horrible individuals and companies that take such advantage of others just for their monetary gain or need for fleeting power.
Why would you ask, no, beg, people to come to your web site and offer them incentives, then refuse to give those incentives as promised? It seems that if you holler loud and long enough, NW might eventually, cross your fingers and holler some more, send you your winnings!

You suck, Netwinner!

(Gosh, are you really a family-oriented game site that is partnered with porn? Somehow that doesn't make much sense to me - huh?)

  • Companies like are ruining the reputation of the Internet. Too many people, who otherwise could benefit from the Net, are too suspicious and doubtful to utilize it. My own mother refuses to login for fear that something "bad" will happen.
Read this article - it will piss you off how rude and indignant people are being - don't they care? These articles and replies and useless banter back and forth absolutely repulsed me.

The powers that be at Netwinner are "taking back" points their members have fought long and hard to win, and are constantly making insinuations of fraud against them. Shifting the focus of blame...hmmm? Seems ironic, doesn't it?
  • Be very careful, folks! Before long, greedy web sites will eventually succumb to the advertising schemes and trickery that causes so much harm to our computers. Won't be long till they will be suppliers of viruses, worms, whatever!
Take a look at the page on them that McAfee's SiteAdvisor has put together. Notice they already have affiliations with and, notorious "slick" ad agencies. I encourage those of you who have been negatively impacted by Netwinner to leave a brief comment at McAfee's SiteAdvisor - only then will McAfee be able to do anything.

Proceed with caution if you are still set on taking a chance with! There are so many better and safer game sites. (Don't you read "Websites to Avoid?" - see installment #23 - Good grief!) Too many Netwinner owners and supporters are no-good big fat cat liars!
  • Note: this post and now, mission, is in response to a desperate plea by a dear, dear friend of mine who has been swindled by these turkeys! You mess with my friends, buddy, you mess with me - and you DON'T want to do that!


  1. Thank you Geni !!!!
    Looks awesome !

  2. looks great! keep the word going about the big netscamers

  3. I was a new member at NetLoser....Now after all of this dust-up, I'll not be going back. Thank you for caring.


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