Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Installment #15 - Do It Yourself Remodeling

I've been doing a lot of home remodeling lately. I have taken up all my carpeting and replaced it with tile flooring. My daughter and I have painted our bedrooms, including patching and sanding about 80 bazillion nail and tack holes! I've updated my appliances, added ceiling fans, and replaced several window treatments. I got entire new closet systems and have also replaced over half of the privacy fence sections, about 12 of them.

The big jobs have yet to be done. Both bathrooms need tile work over the tubs, as well as upgrading of the cabinets and the lighting. After that I plan to remove all the wallpaper in the kitchen, breakfast room, and, of course, both bathrooms and paint. Finally, I guess the last project will be pressure washing and painting the outside.

Ugh! Just listing this stuff for ya'll gives me the heebie-jeebie$!

This brings me to this latest installment of bad and good websites. I used the keywords 'do it yourself' and 'remodeling' and checked on 14 of the results. One was too new to judge, 8 were good, and 5 were bad.

Here are my results:

  • bobvila.com
  • startremodeling.com
  • diynetwork.com
  • searchwarp.com
  • renovationexperts.com

Did I miss one that you're familiar with or one you would like to have checked?

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