Friday, March 14, 2008

Installment #8 - Free software & widgets

My latest search was for 'widgets' and, out of curiosity, 'free software' and 'free wallpaper' for desktops. Now, mind you, I know better! I was told early on that if I wanted enhancements to either buy them or make them myself. Makes sense, doesn't it? You ought to know that anything offered for free is going to have a catch. Free software is almost always infected or compromised somehow.

I researched 8 widget sites and found 3 bad ones. But, I researched 27 free software and/or wallpaper sites and found only 7 good ones and 3 maybes (because they're still pretty new)- it won't be long, I'm afraid, until they become questionable.

Here are my findings:


GOOD: (new porn site - beware)

As you probably know, I checked these by using not only experience and word-of-mouth, but with SiteAdvisor and Firefox's WOT. You do the same!

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  1. I like this site for hi-reso wallpapers.