Sunday, February 3, 2008

Don't get mad; get glad!

I know some of you are probably upset about some of the web sites I said to avoid.

I, personally, am disappointed that several are sites I used to love to frequent are deemed to be "dangerous."
I was an extremely loyal fan of gamerival, even during their change of ownership. Now, I do not go there anymore at all. Others, such as myspace, grab, facebook, youtube, and metacafe, I refuse to give up on.
  • (I lied - I have Myspace set up in my "restricted" zones and refuse to go there for any reason, even though my kid, using her own PC, lives and breathes for MySpace - go figure!)
I'm just super careful - I say don't click anything and definitely don't download anything, especially if it's free! Not to mention, I double check that my security is functioning correctly.

(Another thing I like to do before visiting questionable sites (which I've accidentally done in order to write this blog) is I create a system restore point, just in case!)
But, there are people, like my teenager, who think they are invincible or that I'm being unnecessarily and overly cautious. Wait till you've had to spend hundreds of dollars on professional cleaning and/or complete reformatting of your system! Or wait until you've had to spend hours looking for the best way to scan and remove a "varmint" or had to wait for someone at a HiJack This-related forum to answer you and help you.

Better safe than sorry!
No truer words were ever spoken!

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