Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Installment #41 - Free Smileys or Emoticons

Wow! I just realized I haven't posted in over a month - my apologies - I promise to do better!

Smileys or emoticons - whatever you choose to call them - are such cute, handy little things! Used as enhancements on web sites or as decorations in email, they help emphasize the user's current mood.

People either love them - they make you smile. Or they hate them because they tend to slow down load times, especially for dial-up users. Others tolerate them, or simply ignore them. Personally, it depends on MY mood as to whether or not I allow them to exist in my little computer world!

Unfortunately, as with every other feature on the Internet, they can cause harm to your system.

I checked up on 14 popular smiley web sites. I found 7 deemed to be good, 3 were absolutely bad, and 4 others that were questionable due to bad links/associations, and some negative user reviews. My personal favorite was (very user friendly & organized), even though Firefox's WOT gave it a "dangerous" rating. Here are the actual results:


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